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PingOne DaVinci  
To initiate the creation of a secure identity workflow in PingOne DaVinci, a low-code identity orchestration service, users were presented with two standard options: "Start from a blank canvas" and "Import a flow."

Customers often found the process of building solution flows complex and preferred to utilize templates provided by the Ping Identity Integration Directory. This approach involved a multi-step process that required users to navigate to the Integration Directory, search for a suitable template, download the corresponding JSON file, and finally import the JSON file into the DaVinci flow canvas.

This disconnected and inefficient experience hindered the workflow creation process.
"Start from a blank canvas" and "Import a flow."

Blank canvas

Integration Directory - https://support.pingidentity.com/s/marketplace-integration-home-page#sort=relevancy

Add Template Flow

The vision is to provide an in-product experience that empowers customers to seamlessly add solution flows into their environment, enabling them to customize their identity user journeys and explore the capabilities of PingOne DaVinci without leaving the service. 

This design introduces the 'Template Flow' option within the 'Add Flow' dropdown menu, facilitating the selection and integration of pre-built templates.
Template Library
Flow builders can directly browse through the available templates within DaVinci, where they can discover Ping-certified flows and core solution flows for identity use cases that align with their specific needs. 

The connector search and service icons embedded within the templates enable effortless navigation and identification of relevant services.

Template Details

Flow builders can quickly determine whether a solution flow suits their requirements by reviewing the description or accessing comprehensive documentation for further details. 

To incorporate a solution flow, simply provide a name and add. It will automatically launch in the flow canvas, allowing flow builders to begin tailoring it to their unique business needs. 

Solution Flow

This enhancement provides a streamlined onboarding experience for flow builders, enabling them to quickly discover the power of PingOne DaVinci.
Learn more about PingOne DaVinci - https://www.pingidentity.com/en/platform/capabilities/identity-orchestration/pingone-davinci.html
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